Pregnancy Week by Week - A Week by Week Guide of Pregnancy

Week 40 - Some Post Delivery Tips

Week 40! Almost the last week of the pregnancy. Some expecting mothers might give birth in week 41 or 42 at the latest. Once these few days are over, you can return to the normal pre pregnancy regime. Well, almost. The baby will obviously demand a few changes here and there which you will certainly have to make way for. A serous bit of advice here, make sure to breast feed your child for the initial few weeks. It is not only excellent for his heath but is also necessitated by your body. Another post pregnancy tip is to pay attention to the father after the delivery. Many partners complain that wives tend to ignore their husbands. Keep in mind that even they have been longing for you for the last few months. And Dads, make sure to help Mom in every way possible. Taking care of the child is a responsibility that must be equally shared by the two of you. Be close to the baby and get involved in daily chores. After all, this is the best way to connect with your child.

Enough tips for now. It is time that you also update yourself on an important concept referred to as induction. Inductions are artificial means to bring about labor. On certain occasions, health care providers might feel that it is time that the childbirth takes place. In such cases, different medical and non medical techniques are deployed to bring about artificial pains followed by real childbirth.

A Quick Note On Labor

True labor will be completely different from all the false labor alarms you've experienced. You will unmistakably know when you are going into labor. It will start with infrequent contractions, which will gain momentum over time. The baby starts moving down and once you are fully dilated, that is the child has moved down, pushing begins. What soon follows is delivery. After delivery, the umbilical cord will be clamped and cut, a process which is painless to both mother and child. And finally the birth of placenta, it is over before you even realize it started. Easy isn't it? =)

Baby is healthy and is lying head down, well at least in 96% of cases. With hardly any space to move, the child is eager to move outside the secured womb and enter the new world as the final stage of pregnancy ends shortly.