Pregnancy Week by Week - A Week by Week Guide of Pregnancy

Week 12 - The Last Week Of The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

The beginning of the twelth week of pregnancy marks the beginning to the end of the first trimester. There are a host of changes that have happened in your life during the last 12 weeks, so take some time to fill out the change guide appended at the end of this week's developments.

The Baby In Week 12

Your baby is a little more developed than the last week. He might just achieve the 2-inch mark while you are 12 weeks pregnant. The eyes and ears are moving closer to occupy their final positions on the face. The child's kidneys are secreting urine into the bladder and the nerve cells are multiplying at an excellent rate. The brain's structure is same as it will be during her/his birth and the reflex movements are also improving. Knowing the sex of the child however is still not possible.

About You

The best news in the 12th week of pregnancy is that the risk of miscarriage has subsided. The other frustrating early pregnancy symptoms like tiredness, morning sickness and nausea plan to leave you alone while you head for the second trimester of pregnancy. You will soon start to feel better and recover from the earlier experienced issues.

The other most noticeable change in the body is the increased uterus size. The uterus in weeks to follow will grow enough to appear just above the pubic bone, out of the pelvis. It further continues to grow into your abdomen. In case of twin pregnancy, the size will be even larger. Don't fret this increased size; the uterus will return to its pre-pregnancy size within few weeks of the delivery. Other changes could include patching on areas of the skin for some expecting mothers. Use sunscreen when outdoors as at this time your skin is quite sensitive to the harmful ultraviolet rays. You might also have to deal with freckles or darkening as the 12th week of pregnancy passes. A burning sensation in the throat, chest and abdomen area could also occur in this week.

To deal with the issue, try eating more frequently. Drink liquids before and after a meal (avoid liquid in take while taking a meal). Stay away from fizzy drinks and spicy food as this will worsen heartburn. You've worked your way towards the end of first trimester of pregnancy and living carefully can certainly take you easily through the remaining two trimesters.

A Journey Through The First Trimester Pregnancy

Before we move to the second trimester pregnancy it is imperative to look into the overall changes that have transpired so far and mark a checklist of essential Do's and Don'ts.

The Key Changes For Mothers

The Key Changes For The Baby

Essential Preparation

Here are a few essentials which expectant mothers must have fulfilled by the end of the first trimester of pregnancy.

The baby's room - and if all the mentioned tasks have been successfully accomplished then you can start using your spare time to decorate the little one's paradise.