Getting Into Harvard

Harvard’s history is well known. Named after wealthy English benefactor John Harvard, the institute was established in 1636. John Harvard’s memorial was not restricted to just Harvard’s campus though, infact the city of Cambridge is named so after his own schooling at the famous English university. Harvard didn’t strive to just emulate, but to surpass the world’s most revered universities.

Many foreign visitors mistakenly believe Harvard is based in Boston, but that’s not quite true. Boston is but short journey away and is in itself a strong draw for students. Boston is famous for its sporting franchises, the base of the American revolution, the Tea Party movement and of course, that bar where everybody knows you name… Cheers.

Here’s a sobering thought. For the class of 2016, just 6% of applicants who applied to Harvard earned acceptance. The standard of applications for students is rising and the admissions process at Harvard is ever more formidable. Student’s who apply to Harvard need to be fully prepared to stand out as that 1 in 20 candidate. Fortunately, there are guides and ‘Coaches’ who’ll assist your effort, but it begins with hard work.

There are many myths that abide in applying to Harvard. So many in fact, that this brief article will not endeavor to dispel them all. Foremost among these myths is the idea that acceptance to Harvard is based on minimum GPA requirements and that the expense is prohibits the average household. So, let’s deal with these points.

There is no minimum GPA requirements for getting into Harvard. Some student’s have been accepted with sub-3 GPA’s while others who have reached the heights of 4.0 have also been turned away. So, your GPA isn’t enough. Students who apply to Harvard need to have a well rounded application. One that emphasizes extra-curricular strengths too.

So what of the financials then? Harvard has the most generous financial aid package of any university or higher education institute in the US. Harvard’s in possession of a $172,000,000 endowment which means that the cost of attending Harvard matches or bests 90% of other institutes in the US. Put simply, if your application is strong enough Harvard will look after you. That also applies to foreign students.

Harvard has an incredible tradition. Take a look at its glittering list of alumni from President’s to billionaires to leaders of commerce and industry and ask yourself if you’re ready to stand among them. Student’s who earn success, prepare well in advance, are bold in their application and hold themselves to the highest possible standard. To your destiny…